Do you ever marvel at the brevity of deeply powerful concepts? Heh…maybe it’s just me. But sometimes, on days when I’m wrestling with writing, it seems like it takes so many words to say something that matters. And then so much editing to work it down into something cohesive and solid. And yet – the … More Today…


I love simplicity. Honest admission. But I’ve found, to my dismay, that courage seems to be a series of counter-intuitive paradoxes. Hold on. Let go. Wait. Run. Lay something down. Fight till the end. Each one, depending on the circumstance, the most courageous choice we could make. Which, to someone attempting to figure out how … More Whole

Glancing Back

Hindsight can be amusing, sometimes. 🙂 I know other times it’s sobering, or encouraging, or challenging, or funny. Or all of them at once, I suppose… I’m sitting in an airport tonight (hour 3 of 8, give or take), and despite my need for a nap (or caffeine, or both), all this quality quiet (ha) … More Glancing Back

Brave Enough to Grow

Well. It’s been a little while since I last posted, and meanwhile the world has kept moving along in all kinds of weird ways as we’ve adjusted – locally, nationally, and internationally – to stay-at-home restrictions and new normal. There hasn’t been a lack of posting topics, interestingly enough – honestly, there have been rather … More Brave Enough to Grow

Courage and COVID-19

Well, this is an interesting time to have a blog about courage. 😉 Take your pick of news articles, podcasts, late-night TV shows…everyone’s talking. The last few weeks, with its unprecedented spread of panic over the coronavirus, has done more to rock our somewhat-steady world than nearly anything else in recent years. Whether or not … More Courage and COVID-19