Glancing Back

Hindsight can be amusing, sometimes. πŸ™‚

I know other times it’s sobering, or encouraging, or challenging, or funny. Or all of them at once, I suppose…

I’m sitting in an airport tonight (hour 3 of 8, give or take), and despite my need for a nap (or caffeine, or both), all this quality quiet (ha) time has actually been rather pleasant. And thought-provoking.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much something has changed until we stop and look at it, hard. 

This view, and flying, has become incredibly normal. Still cool and exciting, but normal.

A way-inside-the-comfort-zone sort of thing. 

Whoo-hoo. Not that big of a deal, after all. Doing something normal.

Yay, me. 

But I look closer. And then I get a glimpse of a different airport. A different adventure. And a shy, intimidated 18-year-old me, trying to figure out how to navigate my first flying-alone experience. A me who moved very quickly from *intimidated* to *quite alarmed* when I realized (during a tight layover) that I was being sent to the wrong airport. 

Yay, me. 

But then, one brief phone call later, the alarm slowly fades. Someone noticed. Called. Reassured me. Helped solve it. 

And as I board the next flight, the world isn’t quite so big and crazy after all. (Thanks, Kasey. β™₯️)

And you know what? Sometimes we forget what a big impact one brief moment can have on someone else’s life. 

Sometimes all it takes is someone else’s smile…someone else’s encouragement…someone else’s reassurance…someone else’s confidence…to give us enough courage to move on. 

Someone just taking the time to notice. 

Could you be that person to someone else? 

The one who notices? 

The one who smiles, or encourages, or reassures, or gives confidence? 

And if someone has been that person to you…will you tell them?

You never know when one conversation might leave a signature forever on someone else’s story. 

And plus…you don’t have to spend 8 hours in an airport to do so. πŸ˜‰

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